For your indoor home basketball court sports surface, you want something that’s safe, durable and built to last. At Connor Sport Court, we offer three different indoor surface options that provide the safety, performance and shock absorption you’ve come to expect from Sport Court.


Our Response™ sports surface features a high-impact polypropylene surface in the color of your choosing on top of a concrete base, with a shock and sound-attenuating rubber layer in between. Our Response™ surface is championship tested, and is the Official Playing Surface of the USA Volleyball National Teams and the NCAA Volleyball Championships.

Response™ isn’t just great for volleyball, however: The superior shock absorption and ball bounce make for the perfect surface for your indoor home basketball court.

Response HG™

For those who prefer the look and feel of a wood indoor home basketball court, the Sport Court Response HG™ flooring may be the right surface for you. With the Maple Select real wood look top layer, your new basketball court will look just like the old wood courts you grew up with — minus the upkeep.

Featuring Sport Court’s standard concrete base and high-impact polypropylene surface, the Response HG™ sports surface is also safe, durable and low maintenance.

Response HR™

Our Response High-Resilience™ sports flooring is specifically formulated to cover your old, aging floors. Have an old wooden basketball court that’s past its prime? Give it an upgrade with our Response HR™ customized sports surface for high-impact shock absorption and reduced joint strain and traction through our patented Lateral Forgiveness technology. 

Our Response HR™ flooring goes right on top of your old home basketball court, so you don’t need to go through all the hassle of replacing your old court entirely.

Still not sure which Sport Court playing surface is right for you? Contact one of our experienced local CourtBuilders™ and get a professional recommendation that fits the needs of your family and home. From subflooring materials to the color and design of your Sport Court, our CourtBuilders™ are here for you.