There seems to be a curse on all big ticket items that allows them to dig into your pockets and keep costing you exorbitant amounts of money. For example, that swimming pool requires frequent cleaning and chemical attention. That boat you bought keeps needing professional maintenance. Not to mention the truck that costs you twice as much to refuel than your old car.

Unlike these other big purchases, the Sport Court home basketball court is low maintenance and doesn’t come back to bite you in the wallet later on.

Cleaning a Sport Court Home Basketball Court Is Easy

If you’re considering the purchase of a Sport Court home basketball court then you’ve probably got a few questions. One question we frequently get is, “How do you maintain your Sport Court game court?”

You’ll be happy to hear that keeping up on maintaining your backyard basketball court couldn’t be easier. If you’ve got a broom and a hose, you’ve got most your bases covered. If you’ve got a blower and a pressure washer, even better.

Because of the water drainage system built into the Sport Court outdoor game court, it’s easy to spray down the court with water and you’re good to go. Brooms and blowers are good for clearing leaves from the court’s surface. This means absolutely no extra costs or fees.

Get an Annual Inspection

The only maintenance that is recommended is an annual inspection by one of our CourtBuilders™. This is just to make sure all the components are greased and in proper condition. They can also replace nets and balls if necessary. For the amount of time you’ll be spending out on the court, it’s in your best interest to keep it in pristine condition.

While the Sport Court home basketball court is considered a big ticket item, it doesn’t consume your finances like other expensive toys do. This doesn’t make the court any less fun, in fact, it makes spending time on it more enjoyable.