For the average homeowner, any new home improvement projects come with the inevitable question: How will this affect the value of my home? Investing in a well-kept yard or a family vegetable garden is always a plus, but what about your home basketball court? A study from the University of Michigan recently found that a well-landscaped yard (which can include a home basketball court) had an 11.3 percent higher home value than homes without these improvements.


Great for Families

While some home additions may be pleasing to everyone — after all, who doesn’t want that additional bathroom — other home additions can be more enticing to some prospective buyers than others. If your home is located in the middle of a family-oriented town or development, a backyard basketball court can be particularly appealing.

Families with children can have a space to practice their basketball skills, tennis form or even backyard bowling prowess. In addition, having a home Sport Court helps to foster community engagement, giving communities a place to come together and be active. For the prospective buyer who's looking to raise a family, a backyard Sport Court is invaluable.

For the Upper-Class Homeowner

Forget expensive swimming pools, the new trend among upper-class homeowners is the backyard Sport Court. More families are moving towards eco-friendly yards — which means less water usage. A backyard Sport Court adds to the landscaping of your yard by not only making it eco-friendly, but by adding anywhere between $10,000 to $20,000 to the value of your home. 

For the private home with the expansive backyard, there’s ample space for both your Sport Court and your barbeque pit, flower bed and more. Typically located a little farther from the home, a private tennis or basketball court transforms an ample yard into a unique outdoor property, adding both value and prestige.


For the Aspiring Athlete

Having a home basketball court adds significant value in the eyes of the more athletically inclined prospective homeowners. For those for whom ball is life, having their own personal Sport Court is a truly unbeatable draw. Whether a prospective homeowner enjoys volleyball, tennis or basketball, having that backyard capability is sure to pique their interest and increase the price they’re willing to pay for your humble abode.


In the End, It Depends on the Buyer

Of course, a home Sport Court may not be for everyone, but for many homeowners, having that backyard athletic space for family and community fun is an addition that can’t be beat — and one your property values are sure to reflect.