It’s easy to get creative on your home basketball court. Aside from all of different sports you can play, your home basketball court will quickly become the center for neighborhood gatherings and get-togethers. If you choose to host a Final Four® watch party this year, you’re sure to please your neighbors and friends and your sport court backyard game court is the perfect spot for your watch party.

Your family has spent endless hours on the court recreating your own basketball championship. Now it’s time for you to have a little fun for yourself and for your friends. To be able to organize a successful watch party, there are a few things you should prepare for.

Watching the Games

Make sure you’ve got the right equipment to watch the game. The best bet if you’re watching the games on your sport court game court is to use a projector. If your home basketball court is outdoors, you can hang up a white sheet as the screen, purchase a screen from your local television store or rent a screen from a local equipment rental shop.

Check beforehand to make sure the projector and your cable are both working correctly. If you are having trouble getting the games to project, ask your dish or other service provider how to get the games so you don’t miss out on a moment of excitement.

Food, Food and More Food

The secret to any good party is good food. The two most important aspects of food at a party are quantity and quality. Make sure you have enough food to fill your guests twice over, and that the food is good enough that the guests will want to be filled twice over.

Be sure to place the food on tables that are within viewing distance of the games. Nobody wants to miss the game to eat.


Make sure there are enough seats for your guests. There is almost nothing worse than having to watch your favorite game while standing.

The other issue is that of comfort. Try to get really comfortable seating for your watch party. If you have extra couches, bring them out on your home basketball court so your guests can watch the games while sitting in the lap of luxury. If the evening is chilly make sure to have blankets or heaters on hand.

Make Final Four memories with your family and friends by throwing the perfect watch party in your own backyard.