Owning your own backyard basketball court is one of the best ways to bring liveliness to your family. You can’t put a price on the joy and laughter of children. But you’ll need more than just the court to fulfill all your kids’ hopes and dreams. You’ll have to bring out the fun, yourself. Depending on the ages of your children you can experiment with a variety different games, but one game in particular can be played with all kids: a dunk contest.

All Kids Can Dunk

You’d think that a dunking contest would only be good for taller kids. However, with an adjustable hoop on your outdoor basketball court, you can adjust the hoop height for kids of all sizes. This is a great way to use your basketball court to include all members of your family. Your kids will always remember the beautiful bonding moments shared on the family court.

Let Dunking Push the Limits of Possibility

To dunk, your kids will need to practice their hops. The bonus to an adjustable hoop is that as soon as your kids are able to dunk at one height, you can slightly heighten the hoop to be constantly pushing their limits.

Not only is a dunking contest inclusive for all members of the family, it can also be competitive. Dunking contests push your kids to try harder and to achieve greatness. This drive to excel can easily translate into all other aspects of life. At school, you children will push themselves to perform well in their assignments. With their friends, your kids will be the voice of reason, counseling the other kids to get out of the house to get some exercise.

Frequent Dunking Contests Combat Obesity

While at first glance the dunking competition seems like only one menial activity to do with your family on a backyard basketball court, it can actually change the lives of your children for the better. With the rise of obesity in America, doesn’t it just make sense to combat laziness early? Make it a priority to teach your kids healthy habits on your basketball court.