Have you ever wondered why athletes like to train at high altitudes? Or why people that live at high altitudes tend to be in better health? This is due to low-level oxygen environmental factors which reduce appetite and increase metabolic demands. However, if you are fortunate enough to live at high altitude, consider making the most of it by exercising as well.

What is the best way to exercise at these altitudes? If you live somewhere that doesn’t have a park around or requires you to leave your high-elevation environment to have a proper workout area, consider installing a home basketball court.

These courts are perfect for those who want to exercise from home, as they offer comfortable flooring for maximum enjoyment. Sport Court flooring, for example, prevents injury and provides a safe surface for various types of workouts as well as a game of basketball.

Working Out on Your New Court at High-Altitudes

Once you’ve installed your new home basketball court, you can workout at your own pace, any day you would like and in the peace and quiet of your own home. These courts combined with the altitude will provide you with a hearty workout and ensure you a healthier life.

Along with the positive effect high-altitudes have on hormones — resulting in higher calorie burning — those who live at high altitudes are less likely to become obese. This is especially true if they are training on their home basketball court.


The U.S Army force in Colorado reported that their incoming freshmen from sea-level reported slower mile times than those who were used to high altitudes. Studies also show that from 1968, 95 percent of medalists in the Olympics or World Championships that took part in events longer than 800 meters were exposed to high-altitudes while they were training.

You may not want to go to Colorado to train, but installing a home basketball court and training in your backyard here in the state of Utah can give you the same results. Not only that, but this flooring will allow you a place to get bonding starting in your community.