You have finally got your new home basketball court installed, and now it’s time for some serious practice. These are a few trick shots that will leave your friends speechless when you use them in your next game.

Tear Drop

The tear drop is also known as a runner or a floater. An undersized player often performs this shot to avoid being blocked by a larger player. The ball is released earlier and in a higher arc than a normal layup. It is named the tear drop because the ball drops from the high point of the arc and looks like a falling tear drop.

You can see it in action here. This layup can be used to shake up your defender and leave them wondering when to jump to block your shot.

Double Clutch

The double clutch is used both when dunking or when performing a layup. It is not a shot by itself, but is a move performed before the shot itself. The double clutch can be used to add some flair to a typical layup or is also useful for avoiding a block.

It is performed by changing the position of the ball in mid-air, for example, switching the ball from the left to the right hand. Here you can see Steph Curry pull off two great examples of the double clutch. With some practice on your home basketball court, you will be dropping jaws with this move.

Dream Shake

This move is named after Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon. He got his nickname from his ability to dunk so easily his coach said it “looked like a dream.” This trick shot is executed by a post player dribbling alongside the baseline and with one hand under the ball fakes a layup, then pivots to the outside for a jump hook.

You can see “the Dream” performing it here. Your friends will feel lost in a bad dream as they are left stunned on your home basketball court.

Step-Back Jump Shot

This shot is exactly what it sounds like. The shooter performs a quick jab step away from the basket and then takes a normal jump shot. It is effective because you are increasing the distance from your defender quickly and then releasing the ball, reducing the likelihood of your opponent being able to block it. Check out James Harden performing this move repeatedly.

These are just a few of the moves that you can perfect while out practicing on your home basketball court. Getting any of these into your repertoire will make you the king of your home basketball