Many people today are concerned with being environmentally friendly. Families are increasingly turning to electric cars, solar panels, recycling and refusing to purchase non-environmentally sustainable products.

If you are thinking about upping your green game, consider installing a Sport Court home basketball court. Here are a few reasons why this is a game changer for the environment.

Your Kids Will Spend Less Time Using Electronics.

In a study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, it was discovered that the average kid spends 2.5 hours listening to music each day, nearly five hours watching TV or movies, and three hours surfing the internet or playing video games. That is more than 75 hours per week. Your child could be spending the time equivalent of two full-time jobs absorbing digital media.

Wouldn’t you love your kids to spend more time outside? Purchasing a home basketball court is a great way to encourage your children to play outside. Your kids will get more vitamin D, and you will reduce your carbon emissions from the decreased electricity use. Getting a home basketball court is a win-win.

Sport Court Game Courts Are Made Using Environmentally Friendly Materials.

Sport Court doesn’t use toxic topcoats and requires no chemical cleaners. Additionally, it is made using a non-concrete sub base. Concrete is made mostly of cement which, because of its manufacturing processes and the materials used, is not eco-friendly or sustainable for the environment.

Sport Court’s home basketball courts are produced in a facility that received a “zero waste” status from the SWCA Environmental Performance Group.

Sport Court Game Courts Are Fully Modular and Long-Lasting

Are you hesitant to purchase a home basketball court because you are thinking of moving in the future? Your Sport Court home basketball court can come with you. It is fully modular, which means that you can take both the Sport Court game court and base with you.

Your Sport Court game court is made to last for 15 years or longer, so you will be able to enjoy your home basketball court for years to come. This means that you won’t have to install a new court when you move. This results in a reduced carbon footprint and lower overall costs.

These are just a few ways that the environment benefits from your home basketball court purchase. If you are thinking about getting a basketball court, choose a Sport Court backyard game court with confidence. The environment will thank you.