It’s that time of year again. Your kids are done with school for the summer and you are looking for ways to entertain them. One of the best things you could do for your kids to keep them active and busy this summer is to get a home basketball court. There are many benefits of having a home basketball court including exercise, peace of mind and social skills.


There are many scientific benefits to exercise. Exercise can help kids achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Studies show that exercise helps develop interpersonal skills. Exercise gives kids greater self-esteem, improves quality of sleep and children who are active, report fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression. These are all great reasons to have a backyard basketball court.

Peace of Mind

Your kids are bouncing off the walls and you need a break to maintain your sanity. You don’t want to send them off without adult supervision. With a backyard basketball court, you can send your kids to the backyard to play without fear.

Every 40 seconds in the United States a child is abducted or reported missing. By having a place for your kids to play, you don’t have to fear about your children becoming part of this statistic. Having a home basketball court is a great way to give your children a bit of unsupervised play time, but you can rest easy knowing they’re close by.

Social Skills

Many kids today see their friends and “hang out” almost exclusively online. They may play video games with their friends, but they are never in the same room. A backyard basketball court is a great way to get the neighbor kids to come over and play a pickup game or two.

This involvement can give your children another social circle outside of school. Twenty-seven percent of students reported that they were bullied at school. This social time can create long-lasting strong bonds that can help your kid through difficult times. Your child will also gain confidence as they practice and gain skill in a sport.

This summer give your kids something better to do than sit around and absorb digital media. A backyard basketball court is a great way to provide your kids with something to do that will benefit them for life. It will increase their daily exercise, help them develop great social skills and you will still be able to have peace of mind knowing your children are safe.