With back to school season in full swing and the winter approaching, it’s inevitable that your child is probably going to feel like staying indoors and watching TV or playing video games.

As a parent, it might be tough to incentivize your child to get some exercise outside. Fortunately, that’s when the versatility of a Sport Court game court comes in. Not only does it provide endless fun for your child, but your home basketball court also provides great health benefits.

The number of overweight children from ages 6 to 11 has more than doubled since 1980, and obesity in kids from ages 12 to 19 has more than quadrupled during that same time. The reason why this happens is simple: We live in the digital age, and for the most part, activities for children have focused less on the outdoors and more on technological innovations.

Having a home basketball court installed in your backyard will not only help motivate your child to exercise outside, but he’ll also want to bring his friends over to play a game of basketball or soccer. Social interaction is crucial to a child’s development, and thanks to technological innovations, kids can now interact with their friends anytime online. But nothing will ever come close to replacing the importance of interacting with others while being active.

With a home basketball court, you’ll not only be providing fitness opportunities for your child, but you’ll also possibly help get some of his classmates into shape as well.

During the weekdays when your child is focusing on schoolwork, you can motivate him to still spend time outside by having a “green hour” each day that both him and your whole family can be a part of. Adults are also severely lacking in daily exercise. What better way to combat not exercising than by playing on your home basketball court with your children?