Many people think of their home basketball court as only that, a place to play basketball. However, there are other ways to enjoy your court that don’t include traditional sport practices. Using your home basketball court for your next party is as simple as repurposing it into a something such as a dance floor.

Between basketball games you can use your home basketball court to entertain friends and family. Here are some ways you can get your court ready for a big night.

Decorating Your Court

You don’t want your home basketball court to look like a boring school dance, so go wild in the presentation of your dance floor. Set up tables with food and drinks, but make sure these tables are also decorated per the theme.

For example, are you throwing a retro-themed party? Why not take design ideas from an old 50’s diner? Red and White would be the primary colors. Hanging old records around as well as some guitar cutouts along your fence will take everyone on a trip back in time.

There are several ideas out there for decoration. Some people will even take multiple ideas from different sources and combine them. Designing your own decorations will also give the party a more personalized feel, for example if you design your own table cloths and wall décor.

The Entertainment Factors

Having fun with your home basketball court shouldn’t always be when you’re playing basketball. There are dozens of other uses for it. From games to the music selection, the coordination of these factors will decide how the party goes.

Musical chairs is a popular party game for kids, the court should provide sufficient room to get a huge game going. Other games include hot potato, charades and Simon says. There is plenty of room for movement so other games like hit the can will make you feel like you are at a carnival.

For the teens and adults at the party, music is going to be the most important thing. Nothing says dance party like a little disco, hip hop and of course you can’t forget the classics. Have the DJ throw in a mix of the Beatles, Neil Diamond and the Black-Eyed peas for variety.

These tips are all meant to help you get the most out of your court and especially if you’re trying to throw a killer party.