If you aren’t familiar with the rules in your state, they can often feel like a hindrance on the fun things you want to do. You want to buy a car, the law requires you to get licensed. If you fall in love and want to get married, you’ve got to get a marriage license first.

The same goes for when you finally decide to put a Sport Court home basketball court on your property. There are steps to take because many states require you to get a building permit. Research can be necessary before taking these big steps.

Getting a Building Permit Is the First Step

No matter where you reside in the world, there are different laws and regulations to be aware of when you consider building a home basketball court. Most places require you to get a building permit before putting in a major installment like a basketball court in your backyard.

Getting a permit may seem tedious, but it’s important to make sure to go through the proper legal avenues. Don’t worry, you will get your Sport Court game court in no time.

Understand Your Local Restrictions

Depending on where you live, there is the possibility of property restrictions based on size, drainage, fencing or lights. Taking all these aspects into consideration can make your investment look like a complicated one — especially if you have to deal with government offices in order to get a building permit for your home basketball court.

Don’t Get Cold Feet

If the thought of getting a permit is making you reluctant to buy a home basketball court, know this: our local certified CourtBuilders™ are well versed in the procedure required to receiving a proper building permit in your specific area.

If you’re serious about getting a life-changing basketball court in your backyard, then we can set you up with one of our local professionals to walk you through the building permit process. It’s really nothing to stress about, so do your best to take it easy.

Let Us Take Care of You

With Sport Court, you’re in good hands, even if your local area has restrictions on backyard basketball courts. Our CourtBuilders™ will be able to come up with alternative plans to make a home court that will meet the state requirements (as well as your sport’s needs).

If you want a Sport Court game court, we’ll make sure you get it. Just don’t give up before you’ve started.