Playing sports together as a family is a great way to build lasting bonds by having fun and being active. Investing in a home basketball court is a great way to make it easy for your family to play together, but basketball isn’t the only sport made possible by having a backyard court. There are a variety of options besides a home basketball court that can make your backyard a place to play the sports your family loves best. 



Sport Court offers everything from regulation size tennis courts to 36 foot and 60 foot courts. With a backyard tennis court, your family can join together for not only tennis matches but also pickle ball, badminton and other racquet sports. 



Volleyball is a fun, family sport that can easily be played by children of all ages. With Sport Court, your family can serve and spike on the same surface USA Volleyball uses. Also, Sport Court’s volleyball courts have a patented shock-absorbing design to make play more comfortable for everyone. 



Your family may not have heard of futsal yet, but you will. The game is similar to soccer but played indoors on a smaller field with five players on each side. You can learn the game together, and kick the ball around on a custom court. 


Roller Hockey

Your family can get ready to roll on a smooth, non-abrasive surface that won’t divert the ball from its course. You can even invite the next-door neighbors to join in for some friendly family competition. In the winter, roller hockey rinks can undergo a “flood and freeze” and transform into ice hockey arenas. 



If you’re a golf family, a backyard putting green may be just the thing for you. Practice your putting strokes with natural breaks and slopes that can be customized to mirror your favorite golf course. 


Can’t Decide?

If your family loves a variety of sports, Sport Court can design a multi-sport game court that’s similar to a home basketball court but capable of accommodating multiple varieties of play. The possibilities are endless, and the family memories are guaranteed.