FIBA 3x3 Tournament on a Sport Court Basketball Court

The FIBA 3x3 World Tour will kick off on July 16th in Mexico City, Mexico where the twelve best teams from the World Tour qualifiers held in the Americas and Africa will play for a $10,000 check and a chance to qualify for the World Tour Final in Abu Dhabi.

The Official Court

FIBA 3x3 World Tour in Manila

The first stop of the 3x3 tournament in Mexico City will take place at the popular Perisur Shopping Mall. Throughout the tour, teams will compete on Sport Court at famous landmarks including the shores of the Arab Gulf, Kossuth Square, and near the Cathedral of Notre Dame.  

Sport Court has been the official court of FIBA 3x3 ever since its inception in 2008. When the World Tour was first launched in 2012, Sport Court continued to provide high quality courts for FIBA 3x3, allowing hundreds of games to be played in unique settings across the globe.

"Connor Sport Court International has been our first major partner for 3x3 basketball since back in April 2012. It is great to work with such an experienced and innovative company such as Sport Court, who provides us with a new surface designed to boost the performances of our best 3x3 basketball players in a safe environment in the most iconic urban landscapes in the world." - Patrick Baumann, FIBA Secretary General and IOC member

The 2016 World Tour

The 2016 edition of the World Tour will be played at iconic landmarks across 8 countries where teams from over 40 countries will compete. The winner from each location and the top teams of the tour will be invited to the World Tour Final in Abu Dhabi where a champion will be crowned.

Tour Dates:

July 16-17 – Mexico City, Mexico

July 30-31 – Utsunomiya, Japan

August 6-7 – Prague, Czech Republic

August 26-27 – Lausanne, Switzerland

September 7-8 – Debrecen, Hungary

September 16-17 – Beijing, China

September 23-24 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

World Tour Final:

October 27-28 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

FIBA 3x3 Looks for Olympic Bid

FIBA 3x3 has become an increasingly popular event attracting athletes from around the world. With the increased popularity of the sport, the ultimate goal is for it to become an Olympic event in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with Sport Court as the Offical Court.