If you’re looking for an exciting way to spend your summer afternoons, there is no better option than a Sport Court home basketball court. Why take countless trips to the gym, spending what feels like an hour trying to park, and then waiting in line for your turn on the court? With a home gym in your basement, the court is ready when you are.

What a Sport Court home basketball court does for you is ensure safe and fun workouts, basketball games and plenty of other outdoor and indoor activities. Whether you’re trying to turn your tiny basement into an indoor court or install a backyard basketball court, we can cover any ground you can imagine.

For Smaller Homes

If you’re hesitating to install a home basketball court because you think it won’t fit in your yard, there is no need to worry. Our Sport Court Courtbuilders™ can design and install a court that fits your sizing and sports needs, guaranteeing that you aren’t left out of the action.

While you may have a smaller court, it will maintain the same quality and safety as a full-sized home basketball court.

Larger Homes and Bigger Possibilities

For those who have the luxury of owning a tremendous backyard, we have the courts to complete them. With our many design options, you can add fencing, rebounders and nets to your home court. The possibilities are endless; you can even install an indoor basketball court in your basement. This is ideal for the athletes who train every month of the year, rain or shine.

Forget about making trips to your local recreation center. You’ll save money and time by just making your way down the stairs and onto your game court.

No matter what size yard or room you may have, we can transform it into the game court you’ve always wanted. No surface — no matter how big or small — can stop us from delivering you the athletic gift you deserve. Game on.