With the early onset of snow and subzero temperatures over much of North America, we start getting calls asking how can families make the most of their Sport Court® game courts in the winter.

Our favorite stories are from those customers looking to embrace winter and turn their outdoor game court into an ice rink for the winter months…but won’t it hurt the court? Absolutely not! Sport Court outdoor court surfaces are designed to withstand all the winter elements…this includes you and your kids flooding the backyard court to make an ice pad! 

If you want to make it an official rink? Most of our courts can be fitted with dasher boards and kits that make for easy flooding...if you are going to this level though you will want to make sure that cold temperatures are more than just an occasional occurrence! Just contact your local Sport Court CourtBuilder to find out more!

Others who want to keep playing ball all winter long ask about how to keep the snow and ice off the court. It works much like your driveway...but for proper tips call your local Sport Court dealer to find out the best solutions for your climate! 

Here are a few examples of Sport Court customers embracing the chill!