Have you ever had strange visions about winning gold metals? Or have you ever taken a shot from half-court and scored? These might be signs that you are secretly an Olympic athlete. Some secret Olympic athletes have wild dreams about playing in the Olympic finals. When they wake up, they find themselves outside on their home basketball court

You think you're an olympic athlete? Get outside an practice on your Sport Court basketball court, because champions start here. 

You’re an Olympic Athlete — Now What?

If you think that you are secretly an Olympic athlete, then contact a coach immediately to complete your Olympic training. Your couch can help you kindle your inner flame. If you are truly a chosen Olympic hero, your couch will help you unleash the power of your heart and passion. Let the world receive your glory in those prestigious games.

This is a joke of course — Olympic athletes are the most dedicated athletes in the world. Nobody has an epiphany and realizes they are fit to compete in the Olympics. However, there is something romantic and exciting about the Olympics that makes us all imagine we are standing on a podium with a medal around our neck and listening to the national anthem. 

The Practical Steps to Take

You may still feel that you are secretly and Olympic athlete. Maybe you’ll be in the Olympics someday, but not after long hours of training on your home basketball court. Once you’ve gotten into good shape, it’s a good idea to get a coach to help you get even better. Keep in mind that some athletes have been training for the Olympics for years. Don’t expect to become a world class athlete overnight. 

Bring the Olympic Spirit Home

Maybe you don’t have the dream to be in the Olympics, but you enjoy the excitement of the Olympics. During the Olympics is a great time to get out and play sports on a home basketball court with your family — because maybe you aren’t an Olympic athlete, but you can pretend.