At 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, October 4th, Sport Court Texas and NexCourt was preparing a record breaking surface. As the final tile of the custom Dallas Mavericks Sport Court basketball court was locked into place what would become the world’s largest game of knockout began.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Mavericks and “Shark Tank” TV, started the tournament with the first shots on the Sport Court basketball court and was followed by more than 701 fans.

The 701 fans helped the Dallas Mavericks capture the record for the largest game of knockout from the Brooklyn Nets by 72 players.

“It’s nice to see that the record stays in the NBA,” said Guinness representative Alex Angert per the Dallas Mavericks, “and we look forward to seeing whether or not the Mavs can top their own record, or if another team comes in and tries to make this some sort of competition among basketball teams.”

Fans didn’t just have a chance to set a world record, they also had a chance to win pair of 2015-16 season tickets. The overall winner, 22-year-old John Diggs, walked away with the tickets.

Diggs has basketball experience but his game plan gave him the competitive edge over the 700 other players.

“Just hit the shot,” Diggs said per the Dallas Mavericks, “If you miss, hurry up and get it. Go back. You gotta hustle.”

Hustle was what John Diggs, the Dallas Maverick and Sport Court did to set a new world record on a custom Dallas Mavericks Sport Court basketball court.