Sport Court’s top priority is providing each of our customers with a safe, high-quality and low-maintenance home basketball court. You may not realize, however, that our services extend beyond the average home basketball court. We also provide safe and durable indoor and outdoor courts for school gyms and community centers.

The gym is a center of activity for schools and community centers. It is the place where kids and adults gather together to have fun, make friends and create memories. When looking at traditional gym flooring, the cost of production and installation can easily push educational and community organizations outside of their budget.

Enter Sport Court. Our indoor gym flooring options give schools and community centers the ability to install safe and high-quality surfaces for all their sports needs. If you love the look of a classic hardwood floor, take a peek at our Maple Select™ indoor basketball court.  Maple Select™ indoor flooring gives you the look and feel of a hardwood gym floor with less maintenance at a lower price. Not to mention, it’s safer too. Maple Select™ flooring is built with shock absorption technology, which helps soften the fall for players.

Looking for a court with maximum versatility? Our multi-purpose courts, such as the multi-sport game court, are designed to accommodate a variety of sports from basketball to futsal to volleyball and even hockey. No matter what sports your students or community members want to play, they can on a multi-sport game court.

When schools and community centers install courts, they want a reliable, safe product with a long lifecycle. At Sport Court, we specialize in providing courts that meet those needs. In addition to offering a winning product, our Certified CourtBuilders™ are here to help. They don’t just handle home basketball court installations. They will meet with your organization and guide you through the process from start to finish. They’ll help you find the perfect flooring for your facility and budget and be there to provide any maintenance you may need.

When it comes to finding gym flooring for your school or community, let Sport Court show you why we should be your first and only choice.