Back in April of this Year Sport Court of Minnesota was approached by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help make the dreams of a little girl with cancer come true. Through our Courts for Communities program, we were able to make her wish come true. 

Fourteen year old Jaela was suffering from Leukemia. She had requested a Sport Court game court in her backyard! Jaela is a hockey player and quite the outstanding goalie.  She wanted to play hockey year round in her backyard.

Kevin Zwart from our office, met with the family to discuss the Wish and instantly had a great relationship with the Mom and Daughter as his own daughters are hockey players.  The daughter was fully involved with the design/color of the court and Kevin coordinated with the contractors who helped donate and provide special pricing on materials to make Jaela's dreams come true. 

The unveiling was a great production and the mother put on a wonderful lunch for all involved and friends and family. One of the local NBC affiliates was on site for the event as well. Always feel blessed when we can be a part of such a great opportunity! We are also happy to inform that Jaela’s cancer is in remission and we continue to pray for her ongoing health!