Sport Court ®, The World Ventures Foundation™ and W.W. Woolfolk Boys & Girls Club in Atlanta collaborated for the opening of Atlanta's first Dream Court. The official ribbon-cutting ceremony, held at the W.W. Woolfolk Boys & Girls Club, unveiled a state-of-the-art Sport Court ® basketball court.

"I am thrilled that we've been able to build our 12th DreamCourt in Atlanta," Hall-of-Famer and WNBA star Nancy Lieberman said. "This is an exciting time for the DreamCourts program, and my hope is that the kids in Atlanta will utilize this court as a means to develop extraordinary skills in sports and life."

The Nancy Lieberman Foundation partners with the World Ventures Foundation and Sport Court ® to build Dream Courts in underserved communities around the country. The goal of the Dream Courts program, much like the goals of the Sport Court® Courts for Communities program, is to provide children with a safe area to play, interact socially and learn important lessons about teamwork and good sportsmanship. Since 2010, Courts for Communities has built high-quality Sport Court® basketball courts for children in cities that include Denver, Austin, Nashville and Minneapolis.

"Each time we open a new DreamCourt, I see the impact that this program will have on children and their communities, and Atlanta is no different," WorldVentures Foundation Executive Director Gwyneth Lloyd said. "I'm sure with this addition, the lives of Atlanta's youth will continue to move in a positive direction."

"Partners like the World Venture Foundation and Nancy Lieberman Foundation are crucial for bringing our Courts for Communities mission of building safe places for kids to life," said Brandi Connolly, Sr. Director Connor Sport Court International.

As the program's latest DreamCourt, youth in Atlanta will be able to play on a 35' x 60' court that was constructed using the Sport Court high-performance safety surface in bright blue and orange colors.