Everyday we install multiple new Sport Court game courts somewhere in the world. Many times it is in the backyard of a family in the United States, but its when we can bring the experience of sport, fun and safety to a developing nation that we gain the most joy. 

Over the past two years we have been working to supply 38 multipurpose Sport Court Power Game™ courts to the people of Afghanistan. 

Each 660m2 court in colors bright blue (BBL), bright red (BRD) and shamrock green (SGR) was laid out in our warehouse, volleyball, basketball, and futsal game lines pre-painted, then disassembled and packed 3 courts per container with corresponding Solid Slam Systems, semi-permanent volleyball pole systems, and futsal goals and then sent directly to Afghanistan. 

Our partner in this project, an NGO (non-profit, non-governmental organization) based in Kabul called Educational Support Organization, installed each of the 38 courts in various regions around the country over the span of 12 months at schools, community centers, and orphanages, providing children and growing athletes a safe, attractive, low-maintenance, and most important, a non-political place to exercise and compete. 

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