On Monday, February 2nd, Let’s Play, an initiative developed by SuperSport and partners, kicked off the second annual ‘Schools Physical Education Challenge’.

The ‘Challenge’ is issued to all grade 4 students in South Africa Provinces. Each day, Let’s Play coaching teams will visit schools to run the ‘Challenge’ with students and teachers.


How the ‘Challenge’ Works

The ‘Challenge’ is designed around a physical education lesson. It takes the form of an obstacle course consisting of 5 exercises found in any current physical education curriculum.

The obstacle course consists of the following exercises:

  1. Slalom and dribble through agility poles
  2. Catch and throw with a soccer ball
  3. Upper body strength exercise
  4. Agility drill
  5. Mini hurdles for speed and agility training

The objective of the challenge is to see how many students can go through the obstacle course in 45 minutes.

The school with the highest number of students who complete the course in the allotted time will represent their province in the final, on the 5th November.

The student who wins the final will receive a Sport Court multi-purpose game court, funded by the Sports Trust, for their school.


Why the ‘Challenge’ was Created

The ‘Schools Physical Education Challenge’ was developed by Let’s Play and Active Education to make children passionate about sport and encourage schools to promote physical education.

The ‘Challenge’ grew out of Let’s Play’s core mission - to elevate awareness of our social situation and to introduce and encourage play, activity and sport in schools and at home.


About Let’s Play

Let’s Play was started in response to children becoming increasingly inactive and overweight. While this is happened, physical education is being eliminated from schools.

In order to combat a sedentary lifestyle, Let’s Play dedicated resources to elevate awareness of our social situation and to introduce and encourage play, activity and sport in schools and at home. Awareness is being generated through media campaigns and partnerships with organizations that target children and introduce activities to schools, homes and communities.


Sport Court’s Shared Responsibility 

Sport Court believes that children all around the world should have access to a safe place to play. A place that allows them to learn the values taught by sport.

Sport Court creates these places by partnering with non-profit organizations through our Courts for Communities program. Courts for Communities program to enhance the impact of non-profits in the community through employee support, funding support or programing support.

Sport Court’s Courts for Communities programing support and Let’s Play’s commitment to encourage and teach physical activity go hand-in-hand. Sport Court strives helps build places where community groups can run programing that engages kids and teaches honesty, respect, hard work, teamwork and a cultivates a love for play. Let’s Play puts Sport Court’s Courts for Communities mission into action by issuing challenges and creating programs for schools that encourage kids and teachers to use a safe playing environment for education and fun. Together, Sport Court and Let’s Play are creating a place that encourages play through education.

Good luck to all Providences competing in the ‘Schools Physical Education Challenge’. A new Sport Court multi-purpose game court awaits!