A home basketball court is the perfect place to practice your shots, play a game with some friends and even run some laps. When you finally decide to design your very own court, remember to plan it out exactly how you want for exactly the sports you hope to play. Choose the hoops, the lighting, nets or any other gaming components to make sure you have the home basketball court of your dreams.

Sport Court game courts are especially popular amongst home basketball court owners, as it provides a safe place for families to play and can be custom designed to fit every homeowners needs. What’s better than a safe and aesthetic home gym?

Consider Your Playing Style

When designing your home gym, make sure you know what size of court you will need. Sport Court home gyms can be designed to fit any space. This allows for anyone to install a court, no matter how big or small the room and still get the most out of your playing time.

When designing your court, it is always a good idea to determine what sports you will be playing. There are several court options, such as a multi-sport game court, a racquetball court, futsal court and of course a basketball court. You tell us what you want to play and we’ll get you the court to play those sports.

Ideas to Consider

If you plan on building a multi-sport game court, it is a good idea to purchase the sports equipment from various sports such as goals, volleyball poles, hockey sticks and racket sport nets. This way, you will be able to play whatever you want on a whim, and you won’t be stuck with the same old sports.

For those who are going for a traditional home basketball court, all you need is the hoops and a basketball!

While designing your custom court, you want to personalize the court to fit your family’s needs. Go with colors and court layouts that match the sports your family wants to play. This is about you guys and building a place where memories can be made.

Don’t just build a court, but a second home.