You’ve made the exciting decision to install a home basketball court. Now comes the fun part: choosing colors and a design for your court. The options are endless. You can choose a variety of court styles (multi-sport, basketball, racquet sports or futsal) with an unparalleled range of colors.

If you want to go crazy with the design, you can. Your Sport Court home gym or backyard court can feature anything from your family’s name to favorite team’s colors. With all the choices, you might be feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a simple guide to help you finalize your decision.

What’s Important to You?

You should decide if you want your outdoor basketball court to match your house, blend in to the background landscape or complement the neighborhood. If color congruence is important to you, you can consider neutral or traditional basketball court tones so it doesn’t stand out too bad.

If you want your outdoor court to be a visual extension of your home, consider colors that match the house’s trim or other backyard accessories. This will allow the feature of your home to blend in and be pleasing to look at.


Take a detailed, 360-degree look around your backyard. Think of the ways you can bring the personalized details of your family into your court. Your one of a kind family deserves a unique place to play.

If you plan on selling your house in the near future, you might forgo placing a team logo or family name on the court. But if this home is your long time abode and distinctiveness is important to your family, embellishing your court with something unique is a great idea.

Sport Court basketball courts can match colors to anything you want. There are over 20 stock colors to choose from, but the options don’t end there. You can customize your court to achieve virtually any desired look.