At this point, summer is in full swing. When you first imagined investing in a home basketball court, you never would have guessed the mileage you’d get out of it. You watched your children bond as a family. From the kitchen window you’ve seen friendships grow, as your family moves out of their comfort zone and bonds with friends throughout the neighborhood.

When summer hits its peak this month, you have another opportunity to get everyone outside and back onto your Sport Court backyard basketball court. This feature on your home is full of uses and today’s is to celebrate Independence Day.

The Importance of the Holiday

In 1776, the United State declared independence from Great Britain. This monumental decision affects everything we do today. It even gave you the liberty to landscape your backyard with a custom basketball court.

Since that time we have celebrated the occasion with fireworks, parades, concerts and barbecues. With a backyard basketball court, you can now do this all in one place.

Show Your Love for the USA

Some families will spend hours gathering their gear to head over to a busy park and show their nation some love. This means they are fighting crowds in hopes of having a little bit of fun.

As you prepare your backyard court this Independence Day, you don’t have to worry about looking for a good spot, because you have the spot to fulfill all your needs. Decorate your court from top to bottom with red, white and blue gear. Set up the barbecue and feed the neighborhood.

Keep the games going all day and when the sun falls you can prepare for the front row seats to the firework show of a lifetime. Put out the blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy the view of the park without having to actually travel down the street.

When the day is done, your cleanup is minimal, your family is safe and you’ve just spent another successful holiday with your Sport Court backyard basketball court.