Father’s Day is looming ever closer, and it’s a reminder that you’ve got to come up with the perfect gift. For years now, your go to gift was probably breakfast in bed with a new tie tucked into a gift box. Though traditions are great, at this point your father probably has enough ties to dress an army.

This year, you’ve got the opportunity to switch things up and surprise the number one man in your life — especially if your family has recently invested in a backyard basketball court. Make this Father’s Day a unique one by pulling out all the stops.

What Makes a Perfect Father’s Day?

Your father’s favorite part about having his very own day is the fact that it’s meant to be a day with zero pressure. His normal Sunday chores are a thing of the past. This means that from the moment your old man wakes up, be three steps ahead of him. Whether it’s a meal to cook or a simple task off the to-do list, get to it before he can.

Now that he has nothing else to take his attention away from the fun filled Father’s Day Sunday, it’s your opportunity to play. What’s the best way to relieve pressure on a clear Sunday morning? Challenge your father to a pickup game on your home basketball court.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring out the additional praise that he deserves today. Compliment his game; point out the moves he taught you; and thank him for the appreciation for sports that he gave you.

The Backyard BBQ

Let Father’s Day become a whole day event. If you haven’t already pulled out the barbecue up to this point, it’s time for the classic event. Get the entire family onto the backyard basketball court with your father for any kind of sport while you take over meal prep.

After he’s been exhausted with games of basketball, soccer and tennis, have his steak and fixings waiting for him. Your dad has been central to your family. If it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t even have a home basketball court. It’s the day of thanks and appreciation. Work together as a family to show him how much he means to you.

To all the Sport Court dads out there, enjoy your day.