Your kids are in school 8 hours a day. When your daughter comes home every class she’s in has given her a pile of homework to do; between that and her after school activities and chores she may be working the equivalent of a full time job. So what about a break? What better way to take five then on the home basketball court?

Something Just for Fun

While karate and math can be fun for some kids, if you’re forced to do it every day then it’s going to lose some of its sparkle. Make the backyard a place just for fun, not because the gym coach said she needs more practice or the basketball coach has called you. This needs to be her time on the home basketball court — nobody else’s. You and the siblings can join of course, but only if she lets you. 

The Damages of Stress

It’s a proven fact that children and teenagers feel things more intensely than adults. That’s why the first crush is so heavy and why anger can quickly turn into a tantrum. Stress is the same way. A child under stress is not equipped to handle it the same as an adult counterpart. This can effect studying and academic programs drastically, as well as the general attitude of your kid. If you want a happy daughter, give her a break. 

Exercise and Brain Power

Studies have shown that exercise can release endorphins into the brain and open blood vessels that time and atrophy can close. Taking your daughter out to your home basketball court and helping her reopen some of those vessels as well as get the endorphins up can greatly improve brain power as well as mood, so when she goes back to that book on Theodore Roosevelt she can learn from it even more effectively. 

These don’t apply to just kids. Take a break, go play on your home basketball court. See what it does to your mood, too!