When it comes to safety on your home basketball court, you want to guarantee that it covers more than just the game court. You already know that if someone takes a spill on your court, they’ll be safe. But what happens if your child takes a fall chasing after a ball into the hard concrete that your patio floor is made of?

Aside from the risk of injury, no one wants to spend most of their game time chasing the ball as it makes its way off the court. With our unique and durable fencing system, you won’t have to.

There’s No Need to Pause Your Game

Consider adding fencing to your backyard basketball court if you’ll be taking part in competitive and fast-paced play. While other permanent fencing units can be rough on your court and can cause harm if you find yourself pressed up against it, our soft fencing will keep you safe while you get competitive.

Rebounders also make a terrific addition, as this will keep the ball rolling and flying if it happens to be roaming around freely. There will be no more need to take it easy because you don’t want the ball going over the fence and into the neighbor’s yard.

You Will Have a More Private Experience

If you are easily distracted while trying to train, our fencing system can help you focus. People tend to work better when they are in an enclosed environment. Much like some people feel they work better in a cubicle, athletes can find that they might perform better if they have a fencing system installed on their home basketball court.

The Fencing Will Add Aesthetic Value to Your Game Court

If paired up with our lighting system, the fencing and rebounders will make your court look sleeker and more professional. Your neighbors will look upon your custom court in awe as they admire the colors, attachments and how well it complements your home.

The benefits that come with installing our soft net fencing are unmatched by any other modern-day fencing system. Do your court and yourself a favor, and install our fencing system for safer competitive play.