School is in session and kids are going non-stop. Between school, extracurricular and social activities they are hardly ever home. Get your kids to spend more time at home by turning your house into the hangout house in three easy steps.


Step One: Have a welcoming attitude

Let your kids and their friends know your doors are always open. Having an open and engaging attitude will allow your kids and their friends to feel comfortable in your home. This welcoming environment will create a space where fun, playful banter and conversations to occur. Ultimately, providing a house where your kid’s friends feel like family. 


Step Two: Provide activities

Kids want access to entertainment. Make sure your kids and their friends never get bored by providing at home activities. Sport Court makes this easy for you. Our backyard multi-sport Sport Court provide kids a place to play volleyball, basketball, soccer, roller hockey, hopscotch and more on one outdoor surface. Plus, entertainment with Sport Court isn’t limited to summer! A multi-sport Sport Court can turn into an ice rink in the winter, creating year round entertainment.

An outdoor court not your thing? Build a home gym. Sport Court’s indoor surfaces allows kids to play multiple sports inside and can double as a sleepover room – just keep sleeping bags on hand! 


Step Three: Stock the cupboard

After a long day at school or an active afternoon on the backyard court, kids are going to be hungry! Make sure you have the pantry packed with healthy and delicious snacks.


Becoming the hang out house is simple! All it takes is a welcoming attitude, a few activities and a pantry full of snacks. Put these into place and your kids and their friends will be at your house before you can say Sport Court.