You’re ready to pull the trigger on installing a home basketball court; you have the space for it, you have the time for it and your family is on board. There’s only one obstacle in your way: financing. The financing aspect of installing a backyard court should never be a deterrent that prevents you from installing the home basketball court of your dreams; on the contrary, via proper financial planning, you can budget for your dream home court — without the stress.


Flexible Court Designs for Diverse Families

One of the most attractive aspects of a Sport Court is how versatile our courts are. We know that no backyard is the same, and we realize that no two families are alike. As a result, we’ve provided a variety of different court sizes, options, styles and designs to suit both financial and aesthetic preferences. 


Before you move forward with a financing plan, work out the details surrounding exactly what type of home basketball court you want. What dimensions are you interested in? What are your lighting and netting preferences? Do you want a customized color design? All of these elements should be decided upon before moving forward with the financing process.


Set a Budget With a Small Margin

After you’ve detailed the specifics of what type of home court you want to install, set a firm budget with a small margin. Knowing exactly how much you can spend on a home basketball court won’t limit your choices; on the contrary, it will free you to make decisions and make your home court buying process much, much smoother. 


Meet With One of Our CourtBuilders™

After you’ve exacted these two details, it’s time to meet with one of our CourtBuilders™ to go over the blueprints of your home basketball court. The location, initial excavation and timeline for your home court installation can all be taken care of by one of our certified CourtBuilders™. Purchasing and installing a home basketball court should never have to be stressful — on the contrary, with the right budgeting and planning, it will be a fulfilling and exciting experience for you and your family.