POSTED ON 8/5/11 | 2010 Sport Court® introduced an innovative new product called SportBase™, a direct replacement for concrete for its popular Sport Court outdoor game courts. The new product dramatically improves shock absorption and safety while being environmentally-responsible.

“With this product we are taking indoor gym performance to outdoor courts while at the same time providing a patent pending design that will freely channel water through the system for absorption back into the ground,” said Ron Cerny, President and CEO of Connor Sport Court International, parent company of Sport Court.

“SportBase may well prove to be a revolutionary product in a world of growing environmental consciousness,” Cerny said

The new SportBase product, which has been under engineering development by Sport Court for years, provides double or triple the shock absorption of any other outdoor court on the market when paired with Sport Court surfaces said Cerny.

“It provides more safety than ever before, since its cushion-effect reduces the likelihood of injuries from falls, It also provides a consistent ball-bounce and meets international performance standards,” he added.

Also critically important, Sport Court’s new SportBase brings environmental responsibility to the backyard and playground. “The new SportBase product eliminates the need to deal with concrete and the even more expensive pervious concrete mixes. It helps meet community requirements for runoff standards. In addition, SportBase utilizes 100% recycled plastics in its production – materials that otherwise would end up in landfills,” Cerny said.

The product has been analyzed by SWCA Environmental Consultants, one of the nation’s leading independent environmental science firms. Their analysis shows dramatic savings in environmental impact. In fact, for a typical court using SportBase rather than concrete, the savings in total required energy is greater than the equivalent electricity used by the average US household in a year. In addition, it also reduces more carbon than eliminating 5,600 miles of car driving.

Richard Young, Sustainability Group Manager for SWCA, commented that “Working with Sport Court to evaluate their SportBase product has been extremely gratifying. It’s great to see a company that cares about doing the right things for the environment, developing a high-performance product that reduces waste, conserves energy, and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. This is truly a win-win. As a verified Zero Waste company, this is another environmental credential that is consistent with Sport Court’s position of market leadership”.