Nothing feels quite as good as lounging on the couch with the air conditioner running while your children entertain themselves. You can spend a few moments of peace sipping on some lemonade without a care in the world. Unfortunately, if you didn’t invest in the proper backyard basketball court, you don’t get this type of relaxation.

You purchased the swing set to get them outside, but now can’t leave them alone for fear that they might fall. The peace of mind that comes with a Sport Court game court to keep your children safe will give you that relaxing moment you always dreamed of.

Safest Technology

It’s been reported that nearly 70 percent of playground injuries are a result of falls. It’s proof that there’s more to the playground than the equipment. When your swing set or jungle gym sits on things like asphalt, cement or dirt, what would have been a minor fall or injury can result in long-term injuries like concussions.

Safety should be a priority. You wouldn’t want your children running with scissors, so why allow them to play somewhere that’s as much, if not more of a danger.

The Safest Courts in the World

If you have young children who haven’t quite found an affinity for sports yet, you may be wondering why you would want to invest in a Sport Court backyard basketball court. However, Sport Court game courts continues to be the Safest Court in the World.

Traditional concrete flooring can result in an injury or concussion at a fall of only 3/4”. When you invest in retrofitting PowerGame™ over your concrete, the fall height increases to a full 26”, and by investing in SportBase™ for underneath your PowerGame, you get a safe fall up to 46”.

Trust the professionals when they say that cement is a safety hazard for your children. Kids fall down, but a Sport Court backyard basketball court will help them get back up and playing with ease.