Sport Court Outdoor Basketball Court

Every year, players from the NBAEuroLeague and other professional leagues around the world step onto Sport Court® outdoor basketball courts to showcase their skills in a growing number of top-flight 3x3 tournaments. And each year, the athletes look to take the action to new heights in high-flying dunk competitions that highlight their athleticism and agility. A unique combination of safety and performance makes PowerGame outdoor surfacing by Sport Court the choice of professional and backyard athletes alike.  

"We started building high-performance backyard courts 40 years ago," said Joel McCausland, director of product development. "But you can see by the dunks these guys are doing that our courts are built to withstand the high-performance needs of the world's best athletes. When they have confidence in the playing surface, they’re able to do some amazing things." 

“FIBA has chosen Sport Court as its Official 3x3 court and currently has courts across the 3x3 Euro Tour, 3x3 World Championship and 3x3 World Tour,” noted Andrew Gettig, VP International. “They selected us because of our ability to deliver on performance and safety."

Sport Court's patented interlocking system is designed to provide a stable and secure playing surface for athletes of all sizes and abilities. But the sturdy locking system also delivers important lateral movement in the floor that protects athletes from joint and overuse injury, something we call Lateral Forgiveness™. These benefits have been confirmed through independent testing by human-performance experts.

"The effect that changing the surface may have on the movements exhibited by athletes during landings and cutting maneuvers is an important aspect to consider when evaluating athletes,” according to noted kinesthetic specialists at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH). “(In this test)…subjects had to generate less torque about the knee to dampen the shock of the landing on the PowerGame versus the bare force platform.” 

So as athletes continue to take the ball to new heights, Sport Court PowerGame surfaces will be there to help protect athletes of all types. 


Sport Court 3x3 Basketball Court Sport Court 3x3 Basketball Court Sport Court 3x3 Basketball Court