It's summer time and the kids are out of school! Keep them entertained and active on your backyard Sport Court game court with these 10 summer outdoor activities. Don't have a backyard court? No problem! These activities can be done in your yard or at the local park. 


1. Basketball Tournament

Arrange a basketball tournament for your children and their friends. Pick a day where your kids invite their friends over for a single elimination basketball tournament. Make the teams as large or small as you’d like, depending on the number of kids participating and how many teams you’d like to have.

Make the tournament interesting by adding an emcee, a tournament bracket and a prize for the winner.‚Äč


2. Putt-Putt

Play putt-putt on your backyard putting green.

Putt-Putt Course

Don’t have a putting green? Get creative and turn your backyard into a putt-putt course! Make your own obstacles and holes using lawn chairs, backyard toys, cups for holes and other backyard items to turn your yard into the best putt-putt course in the neighborhood.


3. Volleyball

Play a game of two on two, four on four or six on six on your backyard volleyball court!

If you want a softer ball, use a beach ball as opposed to a volleyball.

Backyard Volleyball Net

No backyard volleyball court? Grab a volleyball net from the store and setup a court on in your yard. Use rope or spray paint to mark the court boundaries on your grass.


4. Checkers

Mix up the outdoor activities by playing checkers on your backyard court. No backyard checkerboard? Use chalk to draw a board in the driveway or on the back patio. Choose uniform items, such as Frisbees or plastic cups, for the checkers.  

Checker Board on Sport Court


5. Bowling

Setup a bowling alley on your backyard court. Don’t have pins or a bowling? No problem! Use empty plastic water bottles or milk jugs as pins and any softer sports ball (beach ball, dodge ball or basketball) in place of a bowling ball.


6. Tetherball

Play tetherball on your backyard court!

Kids Playing Tetherball

No tetherball pole? Don’t worry. Attach a tetherball to any slim metal bar you have in your front or backyard. Still not an option? Head to your local park or public elementary school where tetherball poles are commonly availaible to the public.


7. Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a simple and fun game the will add diversity to your summer activities. The game is easy to pick up and kids will love the competitive nature of the simple game.

Bocee Ball Pit

Don’t have a bocce ball pit? Make it a day in the park! Take your bocce ball set and a picnic to the park for an afternoon of outdoor fun.


8. Soccer

Turn your backyard basketball court into a soccer field by placing soccer nets on either end of the court. Gather the neighborhood kids to kick up the competition or keep the game in the family.

No basketball court to turn into a soccer field? Grab some spray paint or rope to draw a soccer field on your lawn. Once you’ve drawn the field boundaries, place lawn chairs, or other markers, on each end of your soccer field to serve as goals.


9. Tennis

Grab your tennis racquets and head outside to your backyard court for a game of doubles or singles.

Family Playing Tennis

No backyard tennis court? Head to a local park or school with public tennis courts.  


10. Yoga

All these outdoor activities have you tired? Relax your mind and regain your sanity with yoga on your backyard court.

No backyard court? Your back patio is the perfect place to throw down your yoga mat and find your zen.