Over five thousand fans gathered in Frisco, Texas on Friday, March 13th to watch FC Barcelona take on Team USA in the inaugural match of the PFL International Challenge powered by USA Futsal. The match was held in the Dr. Pepper Stars Center, where Sport Court was laid over the ice, turning a hockey rink into a Futsal pitch.

When the PFL International Challenge came to Frisco, Mark Kundysek, an Independent Sport Court Dealer for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, saw an opportunity for matches to be played on the ideal surface - Sport Court’s response court.

The resiliency, traction and firmness of the response court are ideal for Futsal. The court’s surface allows the ball to travel smoothly and enables players to easily control the ball’s speed and movement.

Sport Court’s response court has been used on an international scale and is slowly building a reputation as THE Futsal court. In the past, Sport Court has provided response courts for Asian, European and World Futsal Championships.

Sport Court is excited about the momentum Futsal is gaining internationally and in the USA. The Professional Futsal League will begin its first season in November 2016. The enthusiasm during the PFL International Challenge showed promise for Futsal becoming a popular sport in America.

 As a company, Sport Court looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and energy of the Professional Futsal League.