Summer has been full of countless basketball games, soccer games and various other sports activities. Once more, the sunshine will be fading, and that time of year when rain and snow make their grand return is nearly here. A home basketball court is a great thing to have and you should cherish every moment you had in the sun this summer, but what happens when extreme weather meets your court?

A Sport Court backyard basketball court is many things — and durable is one of them. With these courts, you won’t have to worry about waking up to cracked flooring or rusted hoops. Here are the ways a Sport Court game court resists extreme weather.

Corrosion Resistant Hoops

There is no need to cover your hoops with a giant tarp, because they can take whatever mother nature dishes out. These hoops not only have tempered glass backboards that deliver pro-level rebound, but they also hold their own against corrosion.

Sport Court basketball hoops have been designed to outlast these extreme weather conditions by adding alloys to pure metal. This makes the court a safer, longer lasting place for families and athletes around the nation.

The Sports Surface Makes Playing in The Rain Safer

While most people avoid the rain, there are athletes that thrive in it. Sport Court game courts are tested to ensure safety and performance,. You can play in the rain with good grip and shock absorption.

If for any reason you happen to lose your footing and fall, the specialized surface provides protection against heavy impact and scuffs.

Guaranteed Year-Round Play

If playing in the rain isn’t for you, Sport Court game courts can also be installed indoors. This will allow you to train through the winter months, sharpening your skills year-round.

Don’t limit your game to the summer time. Unleash your true athletic potential and install a Sport Court home basketball court for all-season play.